Limited Artist Ceramic Series


Cosmic Pillar continues Elif Uras’ exploration of the representation of the female body across cultures and geographies. Her practice encompasses drawing, painting, and ceramics, often collaborating with artisans using centuries-old techniques, and she takes inspiration from prehistoric art, craft traditions, and modernist painting. During her research into prehistoric female figurines excavated in Anatolia and the surrounding geographies, Uras came across sculptures that merged the phallus with the female anatomy, embodying both feminine and masculine characteristics. The famed archeologist Marija Gimbutas wrote about these forms as “an enhancement of the female with the mysterious life force inherent in the phallus,” yet, for Uras, they are representations of a fusion of both sexes. The sculpture takes its title from the Gimbutas quote, “the goddess figurine creates a vase from which the phallus, understood as a cosmic pillar, rises.

The work was produced in a limited edition of 8 + 2 APs in two different glazes, a pink/red mat finish, and a reflective gold glaze.
Photo credits: Kunning Huang
Left image: Cosmic Pillar (pink), 2021, glazed stoneware, 46 x 15 cm, 18 x 6 inches, courtesy of the artist
Right image: Cosmic Pillar (gold), 2021, glazed stoneware, titanium PVD coating, 46 x 15 cm, 18 x 6 inches, courtesy of the artist
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Border_less Book Fund 2021

Border_less Book Fund 2021 is awarded to Ceminay Kara and Oğuzhan İzmir for their project “Well-known Secrets of the Evros River”

SALT Research Fund 2020

Gülay Acar Göktepe and Mert Sarısu have been selected as the CultureIst Grant Recipients of 2020. Grantees are each awarded 15.000 TL, to pursue their research engaged in issues of overlooked histories and interpretations of visual practices.

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