Next Program: Artist Studio Visit 150 150 Cultureist

Next Program: Artist Studio Visit


Studio visit to visual artist, Julie Mehretu’s studio

Collector House Visit 1600 1200 Cultureist

Collector House Visit

09.02.2019 — 12.04.2019

A private walk through of Art Historian Kathleen Madden’s own collection with her husband

Artist Studio Visit 1600 1200 Cultureist

Artist Studio Visit


Studio visit to the American conceptual artist, Glenn Ligon’s studio

CultureIst Foundation Launch Party 1600 1200 Cultureist

CultureIst Foundation Launch Party


Honoring Nicolas Bourriaud, the curator of the 16th Istanbul Biennial – The Seventh Continent

Curator-Led Exhibition Tour 1200 1600 Cultureist

Curator-Led Exhibition Tour

26.01.2019 / Banu Cennetoğlu Sculpture Center

A private walk through of Banu Cednnetoglu’s first solo exhibition in the United States,  In Practice: Other Objects at SculptureCenter with the Sculpture Center curator, Sohrab Mohebbi